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Looking For Ways To Increase Your Sales? Sell on North Georgia Trading Company.

Sell your products to a massive audience of customers you might not currently be reaching. Partnering with us will enable you to sell to both our U.S. and International marketplaces.

Features & Benefits
  • Access to all of North Georgia Trading Company.com customers who are ready to buy.
  • Customers can shop your items on North Georgia Trading Company.com and NGTC mobile.
  • Your items will appear alongside North Georgia Trading Company items.
  • Product Visibilty
  • Many major merchandise categories. You can also create your own.
  • No long term commitment. Cancel anytime.
How you get paid
  • A simple and straight forward fee structure. The more we sell of your products - The more we buy from you! It's that simple!
Two ways to get started?

(1) Link your products to us.
  • North Georgia Trading Company is interested in featuring your products on our website with your willingness to link single retail units from your website back to ours. In other words, you would feature a "buy now" button on your website (for single units) and when a consumer clicks on it, the link would take them directly to your product on our website for them to make the retail purchase.
  • When it sells, we will pick, pack and ship your products to the buyer and take care of all customer service, returns, credit card fees, packing material and shipping cost.
  • Start today by calling 1.800.781.9465
(2) Drop Shipping.
  • While North Georgia Trading Company encourages you to link your products to us, we do offer a drop-ship program tailored for those wishing to keep their products in-house. With this program, all products shipped are the sole responsibility of the drop-shipper. Any damages, defective products, returns are the sole responsibility of the drop-shipper. Customer service must be second to none and qty on hand must be communicated daily so that nothing is sold that you do not have on-hand.
  • With this program a link from your website redirected back to North Georgia Trading Company.com is required.

To get started (or) for more information - Call Toll Free 1.800.781.9465