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* Karat Coin Bank

In our constantly changing world we all seek confidence in our future. Nowadays the world we live in is rapidly changing to a crypto-world with thousands of cryptocurrencies. Many with increasing value percentages in the 1000's. In 2018 the KaratGold Co-op, the Karat Coin Bank in Miami and its owner Harald Seiz introduced the KaratGold coin; a new crypto-currency based on ERC20 blockchain technology.

The Karat Coin Bank operates worldwide and is the very first crypto bank with an operating capital of 100 million USD. The Karat Coin Bank owns its on Karat Coin Bank Coin, has its own exchange, it's own global payment system and their own goldmine in Madagascar.

So why all the hype about the Karat Coin Bank, your business and your future?

  • New blockchain technology with a flexible fee system that can be used worldwide for payment of transactions using gold independently transparent decentralized.
  • Development of a crypto phone together with SONY starting in 2019.
  • Expansion of the mine in Madagascar in 2019.
  • The launch of 10,000 ATM's starting in 2021.
  • And the purchase of 2 more gold mines by 2019
The Karat Coin Bank has a proven track record with 7 years of experience through Karatbars founded in 2011. With more than 530,000 affiliates, Harald Seiz, founder and owner has given us a unique business system with a global vision. 

So why not join us and be part of this Global Gold Payment System? Enjoy a weekly compensation payment plan, earnings on sales of the Karat Coin Bank Coins and residual income through resulting transaction fees. 

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