“BIG GOD little problem”

Who coined the phrase “BIG GOD LITTLE PROBLEM”?

RANDY HIGNIGHT knows, like many of us, first hand, the trials of life can hit you hard. Born and raised in Texas, he lived with almost constant failure when it came to temptation to sin. To make matters even worse for Randy, he was eventually diagnosed with cancer. Surgery was his only option to remove a tumor and rid his body of the cancer that had invaded it. In what he refers to one of his darkest hours, there was a particular verse in the Bible that impressed upon him the most, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh; is there any thing too hard for me?” - Jeremiah 32:27.

 Randy would find himself reflecting on this powerful verse sometimes just to get him thru the day. He recalls the second day after surgery, the doctor came into his room, his wife and several friends were there too all anxiously waiting to hear the doctor speak. He said “good morning, it was cancer, but we got it all!” Without any doubt, Randy knew immediately those words were an answered prayer directly from God and he could finally breathe again.  Thankfully, he had enough faith in God to help bring him through yet another trial.    Later he wrote what he refers to as his life-changing book following a 5-year journey through darkness where God taught him how to live in total victory.

After that life altering experience with what could have been death, and the many obstacles Satan threw in his direction, the message “BIG GOD little problem” was born. What better message to bring awareness to God and a reminder to us all that all our problems can fade away into the peace that God supplies! Today, Randy’s mission is to spread the word that not only is God bigger than any of our problems but that sin can be stopped at temptation by the grace and mercy of God. BIG GOD little problem is a personal reminder for those seeking comfort in troubled times that God is bigger than ANY of our problems! Now you can WEAR the message BIG GOD little problem as a reminder to others to take courage and know that no matter what trials they are facing, God is always in control!   (Psalm 91:4, He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart)

Randy Hignight, Sr., is a dedicated husband of 38 years to Bobbette and father to 2 children, Randy, Jr. and Brittany.  He is an author, singer/songwriter and cancer survivor.  He & his family reside in Fort Worth, Texas.  

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