With many products out there we sometimes think to ourselves is the price worth what's being asked? And with competition over the internet being as fierce as it is, prices vary from store to store. One store may have a selling price of $16.99 yet another have the same item for $19.99 never willing to deviate from their price.

Here at North Georgia Wholesale Company LLC we're different. We will consider a reasonable offer on most of our products and we also offer a price match guarantee on like items that our competitors sell.

How to make an offer: Below each item you can make an offer on you will see this image 

Next, Simply click the image to make your offer. That's it. So go ahead, have some fun and Make us an offer!

To see offers CLICK HERE

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee acceptance of a reduced offer every time. We will not consider offers which are at our cost or below. We will not consider unreasonable offers. Low ballers will not be acknowledged. 

Dealers Excluded: Unfortunately we are unable to include dealers, retail shop owners, wholesale buyers in this offer due to the already discounted pricing you are entitled to by being a business owner. 

If you have any questions please contact us by clicking here.