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How it works

  1. Download the app and become a player DOWNLOAD CODE: NGTCSports
  2. Choose a game to play, or play in leagues
  3. Play for FREE or play with tokens
  4. Pre-Game and social features are FREE
  5. Buy or earn tokens to play live events
  6. Earn tokens with ad participation
  7. Earn points in every game
  8. Accumulate lifetime achievement points 
  9. Earn badges, awards and advance in rank
  10. Get loyalty rewards for participation and in-app spending

Be one of the first to download the app and play! 
The app will be available for download December  2016.


The better way to play. Download the app and become a player. Interact in live sporting events with your favorite athletes and celebrities. Play for free, or play with tokens. Choose a game to play, or play in leagues. The better way to play.

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